• 1 950 000 Dollars US$
    • Annapolis, Maryland, United States

EMS Configured
SP/DP IFR Certified
One Owner Since New
Turn-Key Ready
Fixed Parts For SAR
Located In Turkey

Phone: +1 410-573-1515
Serial №: 11773
Avionics: Single Pilot IFR (EASA/FAA) Bendix/King Avionics Package
Honeywell FZ-702 Flight Director w/Auto Trim
Honeywell SP-711 AFCS 3-Axis Duplex
Honeywell C-14A Gyro Compass
AC Power Supply System (Dual Inverters)
Flightline System 46060-11 Vertical Gyro # 1
JET Electronics VG-208 Vertical Gyro # 2
Agusta/Gemelli Pilot ICS and Co-Pilot AG-06-1U
Pilot Navigation Instruments:
> Including LCD EADI & EHSI, Standby ADI)
Co-Pilot Flight/Navigation Instruments:
> Including LCD EADI & EHSI, Barometric Altimeter, ASI, VSI
EFIS Pilot & Co-Pilot On Command Switch
Dual Bendix/King KX-165 Comms
Dual Bendix/King KX-165 Navs
Bendix/King KR-87 ADF
Bendix/King KDM-706A DME
Bendix/King KT-70 Mode S Transponder
Provisions for Bendix/King RDR-2000 Weather Radar
Trimble GPS 2101 I/O Interfaced w/EFIS & B-RNAV Function
VHF AM/FM NPX-138 NAT Installation
Honeywell AA-300 Radar Altimeter
Bendix/King KMD-550 Moving Map
Bendix/King MKR-675 Marker Beacon
Artex C406-2 HM ELT
Interior: Interior EMS Configuration Options

a. EMS Single/Dual Litter – Fixed Parts
Headliner w/EMS Provisions
LH/RH Sideliners w/EMS Provisions
Aft EMS Liner with Rails
Bench Panel with Rear EMS Provisions
Provision For Litter Platform
Provision For Cargo Net
Floor Equipped with Rails, EMS Provisions & Drains
EMS Electrical System
12V & 28V DC Electrical Outlets
3rd ICS Station in Passenger Cabin
Provisions For Medical Oxygen System Provisions - Two (2) 5-Litre Bottles
LH/RH Sideliner Medical Oxygen Distribution System
Pilot & Co-Pilot Cabin Door Window Sliders

b. EMS Single Litter – Removable Parts
Sliding / Rotating Doctor Seat
Primary Litter Platform with Front Lock Mechanism
One (1) Primary Litter
Two foldable Aft/Fwd Facing Seats with Headrest
Safety Belts with Shoulder Harness
Cabin Storage Compartment
Provisions for Two (2) 5-Litre Oxygen Bottles In Cabin Storage Compartment
Special Rubber Floor Carpet
Interior Cargo Net
Exterior: Overall Red with Silver Accents and Striping
Additional Features: Standard Equipment
Increased Internal Gross Weight (3 Tons MTOW)
Crew Open Door Actuators
Quick Disconnect Chip Detectors
Tail Boom Strake
Fuel Drain Electrical Valves
Baggage Compartment Lights
Portable Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Pilot and Co-Pilot Shoulder Harness w/Inertial Reel
Pilot and Co-Pilot Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Headsets

Additional Equipment
Dual Controls
Rotor Brake
Dual Engine Compartment Fire Extinguishers
Air Conditioning ECU (Environmental Control Unit)
Vibration Dampers Installation
Baggage Compartment Extension (1.9 m)
VLE & VLO Extension up to 140 KIAS
450 W Retractable/Rotating Landing Light
Pilot and Co-Pilot Windshield Wipers w/Wiper Switches on Cyclic Grips
Airframe Hours Meter

Optional Equipment
Provisions for Bendix/King RDR-2000 Weather Radar
Provisions for External Loudspeaker
Removable External Loudspeaker
Provisions for Night Sun SX-16 Searchlight
Provisions for Emergency Floats
Provisions for External Rescue Hoist (272kg/600 lbs)
Provisions for Dual Cargo Hooks (1000 Kg/500 Kg)
Provisions for Snow Skid/Slump Protection Pads
Aft, Fwd Facing LS Passenger Seat Cushions (Seat/Backrest/Headrest)
Pulsed Chip Detector
VHF AM/FM NPX-138 NAT Installation

Miscellaneous Equipment / Ground Equipment
Air Intake / Exhaust Covers
Pitot Tube Covers
Ground Tools Kit Including:
• Towbar, Lifting Tool, Wheel Chocks
Tie Down Fitting Provisions
Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) & Technical Publications
TTAF: 2,327
Year: 2009
For lease:
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